• Mare

Snowed In

It seems the snow we've been missing through December and January decided to come all at once! The most astonishing part of this storm was that is kept snowing all day and all night long. Schools and businesses shut down, which is unusual for Salt Lake City in the winter.

I made myself cozy and enjoyed the beauty of the day. Here is my advice on how to relish being snowed in:

Steps to Make the Most of a Snow Day

-Wake up to an enormous blanket of snow. Admire the inky blue color of the early morning light.

-Put the kettle on and while the tea is coming along, gaze out the windows at the first light beginning to hit the snow. Become enamored with it.

-Light a fire. Bake banana bread with your grandmother's recipe. Mix it up while the birds at the feeder on the window have an absolute frenzy.

-While it is baking, take those snow dogs of yours outside for a romp in the white fluff.

-Marvel at the amount of snow, the texture of it, the way it transforms everything.

-The fairy garden is closed for winter, but the remnants are there. Take a tour of fairyland in the snow.

-Look up into the trees, try to understand the way the snow lays on the branches. Try to be scientific about it but conclude it is pure magic and there's just no other way around it.

-Warm up with the dogs inside with tea and the heating pad. Work on your art website, photo editing. Remark on how filthy your laptop is and consider wiping it down. But don't. Have another cup of tea instead.

- Brew some coffee. Eat some banana bread. Paint your heart out.