• Mare

Paint Embers

I'm busy in the studio with an exciting new undertaking! I am devising new methods to produce a series I am calling Paint Embers.

These are paintings created using luscious chunks of would-be waste I have scraped off of my palette. Stripping my palette to clean it has always been a part of the process I enjoy the most, because these scraps contain a life and art all their own, and I can trace the history of paintings I have created based on the colors and textures of the remnants.

I am fascinated by how the creative process inevitably produces waste, and am dedicated to reducing my waste as much as possible. That means constant recycling/upcycling of my tools and materials.

Using these paint embers allows me to build vibrant new work with a unique flair, an unintentional but beautiful byproduct of painting, as well as reduce my waste in a major way. I love the idea of taking what would be considered process debris being reincorporated into my creative process.

I've always held onto these little gems of dried paint, keeping them in heaps of little bowls in my studio, just waiting to repurpose them...and that time has come!

I have only created a few of these Paint Ember pieces prior to deciding to develop an entire series. I put them together as personal gifts for a few dear friends and the reaction was so ecstatic, I realized others enjoy the look and feel of them as much as I do.

I have several more in the works, both in total abstract style, and with intentional landscapes in mind.

The total abstract Paint Ember pieces are built solely with remnants mounted to canvas (using paint to adhere them). The scenic Paint Ember pieces feature a recognizable painted scene using my traditional painting style, and I then incorporate the embers into parts of the painting.

Example of a paint ember landscape in progress

These paintings are mesmerizing to behold, as the must-touch texture is bold and glossy, and colors are contained within other colors---sometimes you can even see the color mixing process captured within these embers, almost like a fossil captures the movement of water.

I will be posting more pictures of completed paintings to this blog, and subscribers to my newsletter

will have the opportunity to see these pieces in advance, before they are posted publicly for sale. I can't wait to see them lined up together, with their glossy chunks of colors seeming to leap off of the canvas!