• Mare

Art Inspiration: Winter in the Mountains

We haven't had much snow in the Salt Lake Valley yet this year, so I've been on a search to find it elsewhere! Happily, this has meant many trips up into the mountains, including some chilly but gorgeous winter camping.

I love how different everything looks in a blanket of snow. My creative eye relishes the little details of winter, like the rosy purple colors of twilight and the strange enchantment of bird tracks in snow. I am perpetually mesmerized by the snow itself and all of the colors it can contain--and how to capture those in paint!

I've been working on a few small canvases that highlight the textures and colors of snow, inspired by what I see around me.

I'm hoping we get more snow in the valley as winter continues on. If it's cold and dreary outside, I'm much more inspired to paint if the snowflakes begin to fall! They still capture the magic of winter and are so lovely to watch out the window while curled up inside with a mug of tea and paintbrushes at the ready.

Plus I need an excuse to put the dogs in their wool sweaters again!