I'm Mare, an expressionist artist from Utah. 
My paintings are a conversation between past & present, the actual & the envisioned.  They capture the landscapes of my life, both the mountains & desert that surround me, and the interior scenery of my imagination & memory. My lush colors and dreamy compositions are a celebration of nature, color, nostalgia, and whimsy.  
​I bounce between depicting actual and conceptual places, letting my intuition dictate my path.  I use layered botanicals and illustrative motifs to give real places a dreamlike feeling and make imaginary places seem familiar.
Color is my native language and the one I speak best! I am a runaway maximalist and fearless with color & texture. My vivid palettes and unpredictable designs infuse my art with an approachable, imperfectly charming energy. I paint intuitively across multiple mediums, and although I embrace a variety of styles, my persistent use of color is what binds my body of work together.
I combine vibrant and earthly tones to capture varying seasons, hours, and moods. 
I am passionate about artistic experimentation, as it allows my work to evolve through spontaneous play. I'll paint with whatever I can get my hands on: palette knives, jar lids, vintage tools, & dead leaves, plaster. I enjoy the feel of paint itself and often forego the brush to use my fingers.  
When inspiration strikes, my hands paint faster than my brain can think.  This is why I favor acrylics for their fast dry time - - they allow me to create unique textures and complement my impromptu approach. For me, painting is an immersive, messy, meditative experience, & art is my way of seeking and creating enchantment in a troubled world.
My creative process both gives me control over a painting and leaves space for chance and the nudges of intuition.  Combining intention & improvisation, I use sgraffito techniques, impressionist style, and folk elements to give a painting its own sense of history. I enjoy working in multiple layers and representational imagery because they capture the intricacy of nostalgia, & how one memory seems to overlap into the next. Stacking my colors gives depth to the canvas, creating pockets of enchantment & creating that must--touch texture.
When not painting, you'll find me hiking in the mountains or exploring the desert outside of Salt Lake City, always with my dogs in tow! I love traveling, watching old movies, scavenging antique stores, boating, rooting round in my garden, and doing historical research for fun. My frequent little adventures and time spent outside translate to the lush, juicy colors and dreamlike details found in my art. 

I savor turning memories into something worthy of being painted; the process itself of capturing the ordinary in paint is transformative and can bring magic to something simple. I love it when my paintings help viewers pay attention too, and find the fantastic in the familiar.
I hope my work is a place for your eyes to rest & your imagination to play!